We smoke all our meat on-site using our authentic Bradley Smoker.

The Loggerheads is a beacon of quality and taste in a world of blandness and uniformity. Slow smoked meats are a main feature in our menu and the smokers at the heart of our restaurant. Tender and delicious cuts of meat that is never rushed, will leave you hankering for more. We take our meat very seriously and only use award winning butchers for the ultimate taste.

Why not try…

Pit Pork and Fries
The classic BBQ recipe that you can’t help but love. Pork shoulder slow cooked and smoked in house then hand pulled and mixed with our house secret BBQ sauce with fries, corn on the cob, pickles and ‘slaw – delicious.

Whiskey Smoked Salmon
Slowly cold smoked with a blend of Jack Daniels oak shavings,  after marinating with dark brown sugar, its like fish candy!